Closeout on Neptco Mulltape. Our site is simple our prices are unbelievable.  

Neptco Pull Tape 1250 Tensile Strength

We have a small quantity of Neptco Pulltape also known as "Mule Tape"  available for sale at our cost.  Pull Tape.

Pull Tape is blown into conduits to accurately measure and pull wires and cables. They may also be used in open ceilings or walls

Currently in stock ready for shipment.

We have 10 spools of  1250 strength 3000 ft Neptco Mule Tape for 130.00 per Spool


We also have 10 spools of 1250 tensils strength w with tracer wire 3000 ft.  Neptco Mulltape for 210.00 per spool. 

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